Tamer Capital's "Find a College" network is expanding!

  • We are Tamer Capital, a group of young entrepreneurs whose Finders help them create their own project or several projects.
  • We're searching for potential "venture developers" who will be interested with their schools and ultimately enter this group.
  • We expand with university finders who are involved in startups and technologies, have creative abilities, are good communicators, and have access to clubs and organizations at their university.

What Are We Doing Together?

  • We're converting finders into entrepreneurs.
  • By creating interactive information flow and content in our WhatsApp communities, we acquire entrepreneurship awareness.
  • We complete assignments at Zoom's weekly Finder meetings and keep track of our progress and new inventions.
  • We offer mentoring by instilling an entrepreneurial instinct in our Finders during weekly meetings with our founder, Kemal Tamer.
  • At weekly meetings with our CEO Gabriel Ergul, we offer mentoring on group structure and risk management.
  • We hold startup camps on a regular basis that are open to all of the Finders on the team.

What Do We Expect From Finders?

  • The things we are expecting from you are:
  • Build Tamer Capital ventures as a self-actualized "Founder" business developer or "venture builder.",
  • Represent Tamer Capital at your university's club, incubation center, and technoparks,
  • Expanding of finder network,
  • Participating in Finder-to-Finder chat classes,
  • Being involved in social media and school media on behalf of Finders;